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The Art of Warfare! 2V2 tournament Details
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20th Jul 2015

The total prize pool is $150 . First Place: $80 Second Place: $40 Third Place $20

Organizer Bikerush

Questions & Queries  
 skype jake.walls.1 (Steam) Bikerushownz

Sponsor None. If you would like to sponsor anything towards the prize pool Contact me via skype jake.walls.1 or on site .

Game Version: act of aggrerssion Beta,


  •  The Art of Warfare! 2V2 tournament  is scheduled for august 9th and 16th  for the first rounds with the  semi-finals and final rounds being played on  16th of auguest  Signups are currently Open


 Match Details

The games will be played based on the best of 3 games rules (First team to win 2 games wins the matchup).   then the semi-finals  will be best of 5  games then finals best of 7

Map Pool
TO be added at a later stage


  • Best of Three towards semi-finals 
  • Standard  Resources
  •  Positions Fixed. top vs down.
  • Standard Starting Resources

How Can I Sign Up?

Please make sure to provide us with the following info;

Team name 

SteamID's Please keep the same user. for the tournament. 

Also join our steam group to stay up to date. You dont have to be in the steam Group to play . But to make sure you never miss our  Event's   you can join here. ... roups/aoatournaments

Tournament Streaming By bikerush Casting.

More to be added if asked. 

This is the last chance to claim the 2v2 

crown  so sign up and get involved!
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Forum » The Art of Warfare! 2V2 tournament page » The Art of Warfare! 2V2 tournament page Locked
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Act of Aggression Launch
Adminbikerushownz · 17th Jul 2015

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